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Carifta 2013 held in Jamaica March 30th- April 3rd

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

The Grenada Amateur Swimming Association (GASA) is delighted to announce a ten-member swim team to represent Grenada at the staging of 28th edition of CARIFTA Swim Championship in Jamaica from March 30th- April 3rd 2013.

The Team is comprised of Pool Swimmers; Carifta gold medalist Kerry Ollivierre student of (GBSS), Carifta gold and silver medalist Oreoluwa Cherebin (SJC), Carifta bronze medalist Justin Steele (Westmorland), Simone La Qua (SJC), Katie Lillie (Westmorland), Delron Felix (PBC), Kahlil John (TAMCC) and Marco Bagnasco.

This year, there are four new comers to the team, Pool Swimmers Katie Lillie and Marco Bagnasco in the 11-12 age group, and two in the Open Water; in the 13-14 age group Mia Benjamin and in the  15-17 age group Kahlil John. The newcomers look very promising, with great entry times. They are all full of enthusiasm and confidence. This year’s team has very high potential to bring home medals.

The Pool Swimmers have been hard in training, and had great results at the Etang National Champs and very amazing swims, in the just completed GPSCU Open Water Cross Harbour Swim. The Open Water Swimmers are; Gabrielle Paparo (SJC), Mia Benjamin (Westmorland) and Kahlil John (TAMCC).They have been training vigorously, and are hoping to better their times, qualify for several finals and to medal in their respective strokes.

GASA is very pleased with this promising strong team, we declare God’s blessing for great success and protection. We ask the nation to keep them in prayer, as they go out there to represent us proudly and fly our flag high.

National Swim Team – CARIFTA 2013:

Katie Lillie                      11-12 female

Marco Bagnasco           11-12 male

Delron Felix                   11-12 male

Gabrielle Paparo          13-14 female

Mia Benjamin               13-14 female

Simone La Qua             13-14 female

Kerry Ollivierre           13-14 male

Justin Steele                   13-14 male

Oreoluwa Cherebin     15-17 female

Kahlil John                    15-17 male


Coach –  Nataly Regis Sihera

Manage/Doctor- Beverly Nelson La Qua

Chaperone – Pamela Cherebin

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OECS 2011

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Grenada Amateur Swimming Association announces it’s team, to defend it’s OECS Championship trophy in St. Lucia on the 4th-6th November 2011. The Grenada Amateur and Swimming Association (G.A.S.A) is quite excited to be entering a thirty four member strong  team.

2010 saw Grenada hosting the  Championship, and  retaining the trophy for fifth consecutive year. This year the  Swimmers will be traveling to St. Lucia  to  smash and set some new records and  come back victorious for the sixth year.

Grenada has a very strong team with experienced swimmers, some of whom participated in the Commonwealth Swimming Championship in this October 2010, and others broke and set national records  with gold, silver and bronze medals from Carifta 2011, CCCAN 2011, CYG 2011 in the Isle of Man, Grenfin’s 2011 OECS trials, CISC 2010, CARIFTA 2010, and last OECS 2010.

Our Team has been training non-stop morning and evenings for up to six days a week. The Association has high expectations for this Championship and  the swimmers are in a fighting mode to retain the age group trophies currently held, and  to win a few more. It is also hoped that the team goes on to be declared O.E.C.S Champions for the 6th consecutive year.

This year Antigua was down to host the OECS Championship, but due to circumstances beyond their control they were unable to do so. So St. Lucia kindly agreed to be the 2011 Host. Next year we expect to see the Championship back in Grenada.

Grenada and St. Lucia and Antigua had a fierce for the title for 2010. This year we expect another fight with St. Vincent also having high hopes of  being in the medal count also. St. Lucia has put together their strongest team yet, with their golden girl Danielle Beaubrun to try  their very best to capture the trophy this year, but our Grenadian Swimmers say” No Way they will be coming as a tsunami smashing everything in it’s path.” We have conquered many oceans and swam many seas, so swimming in a pool is no match for we”. So St. Lucia  look out!

The OECS Championships 2011, is guaranteed to be  very competitive and exciting, so G.A.S.A is pleased with the support we have been getting and extend a big thank you to all.
GASA  also congratulates every member on the team and wish them God’s Blessing and the very best!


FEMALE                                      MALE

8 & under                                   8 & Under
Ifeoma Cherebin                      Kris Regis
Idania Hopkin                          Nicholas John
Breann Alexander                    Jenebi Benoit
Meeka Ollivierre

9-10                                              9-10
Kattie Lillie                                  Marco Bagnasco
Angelique Minors                       DelronFelix
Lily Sylvester                               De’ Andre Stephen
Enya Noel

11-12                                           11-12
Gabrielle Paparo                      Justin Steele
Simone La Qua                         Kerry Ollivierre

13-14                                          3-14
Oreoluwa Cherebin                Corey Ollivierre
Valorie Andrews                     Shawn Gabriel
Kendra Moore

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Commonwealth Youth Games 2011

Monday, September 19th, 2011

CONGRATULATIONS to Ore`oluwa Cherebin on her time at the Commonwealth Youth Games in the Isle of Man. 50m Breaststroke within 34.35 seconds a National Record. GO TEAM GRENADA

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FINA Level 2 Coaching Clinic

Monday, June 6th, 2011

The Ministry of Sports is pleased to team up with FINA and The Grenada Amateur Swimming Association to facilitate a national Coaching Clinic hosted by top international Coach Kimberly Bade.

The Clinic began from Tuesday 23rd – 31st May 2011 at the Good Hope Pool, St. Georges with daily sessions from 9am – 5pm. Fifty enthusiastic coaches and teachers of both primary and secondary schools from across the tri-island state  are expected to  attend the Clinic, which is the second level – a follow on to the Level 1 clinic conducted in  2010.

Mrs. Kimberly Bade said the course will cover swimming at a very technically detailed level, for Beginners through Elite – covering all four competitive strokes as well as starts and turns, because it is all about the science of swimming and technical excellence resulting in speed.

GASA’s vision for this Coaching Clinic is  to equip as many teachers and coaches in Grenada and Carriacou to be able to teach swimming in every school across the nation in order to give every child an opportunity to  learn to swim and be safe in our waters and to be able to  compete at various levels if so desired – we want no child left behind. This will also offer the participants  an excellent opportunity to gain a second skill which can be used in obtaining extra income along with obtaining FINA certification which is recognised in all countries.

GASA is very delighted to be part of our nation’s future education and development, by investing in our precious resources, children and  teachers.

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LIME Carifta Swim Championship 2011

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

GASA (Grenada Amateur Swimming Association) wishes to congratulate our four member Carifta Swim Team back from Lime Carifta Swim Championship which was held in Barbados on the 23rd -26th April 2011. They proudly won two bronze medals and placed high in several finals. We also thank Jonas Browne and Hubbards and the Ministry of Sports for making this a dream come through. Although the meet was called Lime Carifta Swim Championship, we were not sponsored by Lime but look forward to being sponsored by them next year for Lime Carifta Swim Championship 2012.

Grenada 2011 Carifta Team

Team Grenada

Our Grenadian Swimmers performed outstandingly among some stiff competition from Bahamas, Jamaica and Guadeloupe. Sixteen countries participated in the Championship. Grenada was able to secure to Bronze medals in the 50m backstroke from Nicholas Coard in the 15-17 boys he placed 4th in the 100 back and made finals in the 200 back and 9th place in the 100m free.

Justin Steele also won bronze in the 11-12 boys. Justin was very impressive making us very proud as our flag was flown. He  placed 5th in the 100back with a new time of 1:15.33.  He improved on all his times in the 200m IM and place 11th in his 50back with a new time of 35:11. He already has his mindset on CCCAN in Puerto Rico. Justin was just amazing and very confident in his swims, he fought hard and was rewarded. He made Grenada very proud.

We were very proud of our breaststrokers Oreoluwa Cherebin and Corey Ollivierre who have moved up in the 13-14 age group fought very hard and were very impressive. They are in the bottom of their age group in which they spend two years. So they have set themselves at the top of their group for next year’s Carifta in the Bahamas.

Oreoluwa was very strong and determined in the girls 50 m breast, she fought hard going in with a time off 37.45 in the prelims and tied for second place, with a new time of 36.91. She place 5th in the finals with an even better time of 36.70 overall, the gold was taken by Jamaica with a time of 34.72 a new record.  Oreoluwa also made alternate by placing 9th in the 100m breast and dropped 8 seconds off her 100m fly going in with a time of 1:25 and coming out with a new time of 1:17, she also improved her time in the 2oom breast and 50m fly from 34:59 to 33:9. She is also looking forward  to make CCCAN and putting all her efforts towards that.

Corey Ollivierre gave it his best, he swam hard and fast, in the 50m breast he place 9th going in with a time 35:87 and coming out with a new time of 34.68, he place 10th with a new time of 1:18.80 in the 100m breast. He performed very well in the 200m breast going in with a time of 2:54.55 and finishing with a time of 2:50.85. Corey improved on his times and is looking forward to CCCAN, where he can represent his country and he will be working hard towards that.

The Swimmers are:

1. Oreoluwa Cherebin Girls 13-14

2. Corey Ollivierre       Boys 13-14
3. Justin Steele           Boys 11-12
4. Nicholas Coard        Boys 15-17

National Coach:  Nataly Regis Sihera

Manager:           Pamela Cherebin

Chaperone:         Michelle Steele

We give thanks to God and every Grenadian who were lifting us up in prayers, thanks also to the Media. From behalf GASA thanks  a million and keep on praying for proper facilities which will enable our swimmers to be able to compete and be among the best in the world , because they are willing, ready and able.

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