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Carifta 2013 held in Jamaica March 30th- April 3rd

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

The Grenada Amateur Swimming Association (GASA) is delighted to announce a ten-member swim team to represent Grenada at the staging of 28th edition of CARIFTA Swim Championship in Jamaica from March 30th- April 3rd 2013.

The Team is comprised of Pool Swimmers; Carifta gold medalist Kerry Ollivierre student of (GBSS), Carifta gold and silver medalist Oreoluwa Cherebin (SJC), Carifta bronze medalist Justin Steele (Westmorland), Simone La Qua (SJC), Katie Lillie (Westmorland), Delron Felix (PBC), Kahlil John (TAMCC) and Marco Bagnasco.

This year, there are four new comers to the team, Pool Swimmers Katie Lillie and Marco Bagnasco in the 11-12 age group, and two in the Open Water; in the 13-14 age group Mia Benjamin and in the  15-17 age group Kahlil John. The newcomers look very promising, with great entry times. They are all full of enthusiasm and confidence. This year’s team has very high potential to bring home medals.

The Pool Swimmers have been hard in training, and had great results at the Etang National Champs and very amazing swims, in the just completed GPSCU Open Water Cross Harbour Swim. The Open Water Swimmers are; Gabrielle Paparo (SJC), Mia Benjamin (Westmorland) and Kahlil John (TAMCC).They have been training vigorously, and are hoping to better their times, qualify for several finals and to medal in their respective strokes.

GASA is very pleased with this promising strong team, we declare God’s blessing for great success and protection. We ask the nation to keep them in prayer, as they go out there to represent us proudly and fly our flag high.

National Swim Team – CARIFTA 2013:

Katie Lillie                      11-12 female

Marco Bagnasco           11-12 male

Delron Felix                   11-12 male

Gabrielle Paparo          13-14 female

Mia Benjamin               13-14 female

Simone La Qua             13-14 female

Kerry Ollivierre           13-14 male

Justin Steele                   13-14 male

Oreoluwa Cherebin     15-17 female

Kahlil John                    15-17 male


Coach –  Nataly Regis Sihera

Manage/Doctor- Beverly Nelson La Qua

Chaperone – Pamela Cherebin

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2013 Cross Harbor Sponsored by (GSPCU) Grenada Public Service Credit Union

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

On Saturday 16thMarch at 1:00p.m an enthusiastic group of seventy two swimmers and spectators gathered at the Financial Complex on the Carenage to witness GASA in collaboration with GSPCU Annual Cross Harbour 2013 Swim.

The race started a little after two, with an anxious group of seventy two swimmers, stroking their way to Grand Anse beach. This year first timer Kerry Ollivierre, led the pack from the beginning with a determine swim. Right behind him were Carifta 2013 qualifiers, Oreoluwa Cherebin, Katie Lillie and Kahlil John, in strong pursuit.

While on Grand Anse beach a large turnout of supporters, kept peering out in the horizon anxiously for a glimpse of the first swimmer. They were entertained with delicious food and great music. Eventually there were shouts of joy as the first swimmer was sighted; he was Kerry Ollivierre in a time of 38:54 followed by Oreoluwa Cherebin in a time of 41.32 and Katie Lillie in a time of 41.35

On the heels of these girls was Kahlil John in a time of 41.39. The race ended with excellent swims from all seventy two sea wearied but exuberant participants, knowing that they have accomplish a tremendous exploit and already making plans for the 2014.

The overall winners were

Female: 1st Oreoluwa Cherebin   2nd Katie Lillie     3rd Gabrielle Paparo

Male: 1st Kerry Ollivierre,        2nd Khalil John     3rd Corey Ollivierre

At the end of the race, a great prize giving ceremony was held by the sponsors GSPCU, with a team of managers and workers, who were on board for the entire Event, helping out in many areas to make this event a success. This year for the first time monetary prices were given out, to the first and second place overall winners, and GSPCU Excel Savings Programme Certificates to the top swimmers, together with medals and trophies.

GASA extends special thanks to our Sponsors GSPCU and others, Grenada Port Authority, Minister Nickolas Steele, Permanent Secretary Mrs. Veda Bruno Victor, Timers, Doctors, Kayakers, the Coast Guard, all volunteers on the sea and the land, supporters, all who donated and prepared food items, Miss Sherma Wells, the Media and members of the Public.

Pamela Cherebin



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Etang National Swim Championship 2013

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

Last weekend swimming spectators and fans were treated to some fantastic fast swims, by our nation’s swimmers at the Good Hope Pool. This Championship was hosted by (GASA) Grenada Amateur Swimming Association. This was the association’s first National Swim Event, which was also used as a Carifta Time Qualifier. This Meet was sponsored by ETANG, which is locally owned and manufactured by Grenada Bottling at Tempe. The Championship started from Friday evening and about one hundred and sixty swimmers participated, with some great swims and personal best times by most of our swimmers. Several records were established that evening and the fans were fully entertained. Early Saturday morning the swimmers were back at the Pool again for prelims, hoping to qualify for the afternoon finals and many did. The afternoon session saw the Opening Ceremony and March Pass by the three Clubs, Dolphins, GYA and Grenfin. The Opening remarks was done by Minister Gregory Bowen and ETANG Marketing Manager Aaron La grenade , spectators were able to witness a tremendous amount of records being set, in all the races; as it was the first time this meet was held. On Sunday morning sessions the seniors swam most of their races as finals, with records being set again in all races. The afternoon sessions saw spectators and fans back at the pool again. They all had an enjoyable evening witnessing brilliant swims and partaking of the delicious food, drinks and music provided. The little ones really had a good time, and some fun swims with their parents cheering them on, they too set some new records. The Meet ended with the swimmers dancing the Harlem Shake, to the amusement of the crowd, who also joined in the fun. At the end of the day, there were many winners and all agreed that, they had a great time. Beside the tremendous amount of Meet records set, four Nationals records were broken by Corey Ollivierre one, Simone La Qua one and Oreoluwa Cherebin two. GASA on behalf of the Directors and swimmers will like to thanks our sponsors ETANG, all Officials and supporters and fans who came out to make this meet a success, thanks a million. Grenfin Swim Club placed first overall with 1764 points, followed by Grenada Youth Adventurers 587 points and Dolphins Swim Club with 354 points respectively.

ETANG National Champs High Point Overall Winners Female: Oreoluwa Cherebin Grenfin Swim Club Male: Kerry Ollivierre Grenfin Swim Club Age Group Champions were as follows: 8 & under Girls – Kimberely Ince

Boys – Coby Sylvester 9-10 Girls – Kaiya Ramdhanny Boys – Kris Regis 11-12 Girls – Katie Lillie Boys – Delron Felix 13-14 Girls – Simone LaQua Boys – Kerry Ollivierre 15 & Over Girls – Oreoluwa Cherebin Boys – Corey Ollivierre Pamela Cherebin PRO GASA

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