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Grenada Retains OECS Trophy with 205 Medals

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Grenada Retains OECS Trophy with 205 Medals

At The Sagicor 19th OECS Swimming Championship.  The 19th OECS Swimming Championship was held over a three day period at the Good Hope Swimming Pool in Grenada, from Friday 6th to Sunday 8th November, 2009. The countries present were Antigua and Barbuda, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada.

St. Lucia came with a full team of 34 swimmers to try to regain the coveted Trophy which Grenada had held for the previous three years. Antigua had 29 swimmers and put up a strong challenge and St. Vincent came with 10 swimmers and made their presence felt.

Praises and hats off to our diligent Coaches Ms. Nataly Regis and Mr. Carlton Simon who worked hard with our swimmers, who in turn broke many records and  were able to better their times tremendously. The Team was well managed by Mrs. Pamela Cherebin.

Grenada took the lead from the beginning, and continued to gain momentum from then on. The Swimmers were led in prayer for victory everyday by Kevlian Andrews. They chanted and ended with some exciting relays, to finally capture the Championship with the support of the home crowd.

Outstanding performances were displayed by many of the swimmers who broke records.

Katie Lillie brought home the trophy for the 8 and under girls with 6 medals and 5 records, and was well challenged by Arabella Ovesen with 4 medals. They were supported by Angelique Minors with 1 bronze and Enya Noel with best swim times.

In the 8 and under boys the trophy went to Marco Bagnasco with 6 medals and 5 records followed closely by record breaker Delron Felix with 6 medals, who placed overall second in that age group.

In the 9-10 age group the Spice girls dominated. Gabrielle Paparo won the trophy with  8 medals and 5 outstanding records, supported by Deleon Felix with 1 gold in a total of 8 medals, and Simone La Qua with brilliant swims, best times and 5 medals.

9-10 boys was the bomb squad led by trophy winner Adrian Andall with 2 gold and total of 7 medals, with Justin Steele with 2 gold and a total of 6 medals and Kerry Ollivierre with 2 gold and a total of 4 medals. These boys also were record breaking in their relays.

Our powerful 11-12 girls were led by Oreoluwa Cherebin who was a force to reckon with achieving best times with 3 gold in a total of 10 medals,  placing overall second, missing the trophy by a mere 4 points to St. Lucia’s Thalia Bergasse, who tried her  best to retain the trophy. Valorie Andrews, with powerful swims, best times and a challenge in this group, won 3 medals and Kendra Moore did best times and a fantastic swim to claim the gold medal in the100m freestyle.  These girls also set records in the relay.

Our 11-12 boys had a strong challenge from St. Lucia, and Corey Ollivierre fought well with a brilliant 50m and 100m breast stroke to come away with 2 golds in a total of 9 medals. Helping him was Bradley Pope with 4 medals and fantastic times, Calum Noel also took up the fight with 4 medals and best times, and Shawn Gabriel was the 4th member of the team who also had best times.

The 13-14 girls category was dominated by Ayesha Noel winning the trophy with 11 gold and 5 records, and Chinwe Oluonye placing second with 8 silver in a total of 11 medals and best times.

The boys 13-14 had a tremendous battle from St. Lucia. They fought back hard and never gave up, with Andrew Hopkin winning 5 medals and Kahlil John with 6 medals. They were a strong team placing third, with outstanding best times.

The girls 15-17, with Sophia Noel 10 silver and Kevlian Andrews 6 bronze, gave a strong  warning to St. Lucia’s Siona Huxley. They both set best times and broke records.

The boys 15-17 was led by Locksley Willams, who worked hard and was rewarded with 11 medals and was helped by Richard Regis and Fidelis Msacky with best times.

In the girls 18 & over group, Julia Bisschops was marvelous with 10 records and 11 gold medals helped by Claire Moralle who swam her heart out, with 9 silver in a total of 11 medals.

The male 18 & Over category saw Esau Simpson with an outstanding performance taking the trophy with 4 gold out of a total of 8 medals. Chris Regis had best times and 6 medals while Omar Hughes made a strong come back to the sport with 5 bronze medals.

All round the Grenada swimmers worked exceptionally well as a team, breaking 39 individual records and 6 OECS relay records.  .

Grenada claimed a total of 205 medals of which 63 were gold, 83 were silver and 59 were bronze. The team amassed a total of two thousand and eighty five points (2085) leaving St. Lucia to capture second place with one thousand, seven hundred and four points (1,704).  Taking third place was Antigua with five hundred and seventy one point five points (571.5) and in fourth position was St. Vincent with sixty seven point Five points (67.5).

Many thanks to Grenada National Swimmers for making our country proud and displaying a very high level of discipline and sportsmanship over the weekend.  Many thanks to the main sponsor Sagicor, and to all other sponsors, parents and well wishers for assisting with the preparation and execution of a very successful Championship.

The swimmers on the Grenada National team were:

Katie Lillie Arabella Ovesen Angelique Minors Enya Noel

Marco Bagnasco Delron Felix Melvin Blackman Gabrielle Paparo

Simone LaQua Deleon Felix Kerry Ollivierre Adrian Andall

Justin Steele Oreoluwa Cherebin Kendra Moore Valorie Andrews

Chinwe Oluonye Ayesha Noel Kahlil John Andrew Hopkin

Sophia Noel Kevlian Andrews Locksley Williams Richard Regis

Fidelis Msacky Julia Bisschops Clare Morralle Esau Simpson

Chris Regis Omar Hughes

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Grenada has strong team for OECS Swim Meet!

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Grenada has strong team for OECS Swim Meet!

Grenada will be hosting the 19th O.E.C.S Swim Championship from the 6th-8th November 2009 at the Good Hope Pool, St. Paul’s St. Georges.The Grenada Amateur and Swimming Association (G.A.S.A) is quite excited to be entering a 34 member strong National Team.

Last Year saw Grenada travelling to the Meet in St. Lucia and retaining the trophy for the third  consecutive year. The Association and Swimmers look forward to a record breaking and victorious meet this year in front of a home crowd.

National Head Coach Miss Nataly Regis, feels that Grenada has a very strong team with experienced swimmers some of whom participated in the Commonwealth Swimming Championship in August 2009.  Some of the more senior and experienced swimmers are Omar Hughes, Esau Simpson, Sophia Noel, Ayesha Noel, Julia Bisschops, Claire Morall, Chris Regis and Locksley Williams.

Up and coming swimmers to look out for are Andrew Hopkin,  Kahlil John, Chinwe Oluonye, Kevlian Andrews, Oreoluwa Cherebin, Correy Ollivierre, Kerry Ollivierre, Justin Steele, Gabrielle Paparo, Kattie Lillie and Marco Bagnasco among many others.

Our Team has been training non-stop morning and evenings for up to six days a week with the head Coach Nataly Regis and ably assisted by Assistant Coach Mr. Carlton Simon who has been a tremendous benefit to the Team. The Association has high expectations for this meet and  hopes to retain the age group trophies currently held and win a few more. It is also hoped that the team goes on to be declared O.E.C.S Champions for the 4th consecutive year.

The last few years has seen  Grenada and St. Lucia battling fiercely for the title, but Antigua has sent a strong warning, they have travelled far, trained hard and they will not be going home empty handed! The Swim meet is a guaranteed to be competitive and exciting and G.A.S.A is appealing to the general public to come out and support our Swimmers. Go Grenada! G.A.S.A wishes  to thank the OECS official meet sponsor Sagicor for once again coming through to make this Meet a reality and  to the team the very best!

FEMALE                                       MALE
8 & under                                    8 & Under
Kattie Lillie                                   Marco Bagnasco
Arabella Ovesen                            Delron Felix
Angelique Minors                           Melvin Blackman
Enya Noel

9-10                                           9-10
Gabrielle Paparo                            Kerry Ollivierre
Deleon Felix                                 Justin Steele
Simone La Qua                             Adrian Andall

11-12                                        11-12
Oreoluwa Cherebin                       Corey Ollivierre
Valorie Andrews                           Calum Noel
Kendra Moore                              Bradley Pope
Shawn Gabriel

13-14                                        13-14
Ayesha Noel                                Andrew Hopkin
Chinwe Oluonye                           Khalil John

15-17                                        15-17
Sophia Noel                                 Locksley Williams
Kevlian Andrews                           Richard Regis
Fidelis Msacky

18 & Over                                  18 & Over
Julia Bisschops                            Esau Simpson
Claire Morall                               Chris Regis
Omar Hughes

Manager- Mrs. Pamela Cherebin
Captain-  Mr. Omar Hughes
Coaches- Head Coach Ms. Nataly Regis, Assistant Coach Mr. Carlton Simon

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